Update rollup for System Center Configuration Manager 1602 - KB3155482

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Update rollup for System Center Configuration Manager 1602 - KB3155482

Postby SmiKarPatchManager » Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:11 pm

KB3155482 for SCCM 1602

Microsoft released a new patch for System Centre Configuration Manager today (KB3155482) which fixes the following issues in SCCM version 1602.

Remote Control
The SCCMRDPSYSTEM.EXE process stops running on Windows Embedded clients after your try and start a remote control session.
Site Systems
The DBSchemaChangeHistory table in the site database grows exponentially.
Microsoft Intune and Mobile Device Management
The Service Connection Point can take 30 minutes or more to recognize a newly added Microsoft Intune Subscription.
Incorrect certificate data can be used to manage mobile devices which can causes this to fail
The Service Connection Point may try and renew the wrong certificate if multiple certificates are installed and have the same expiration date.
An “Invalid parameter to CIM setting” message is displayed when you try to check the baseline deployment status of a custom IOS or Mac profile.
The SMS_DMP_Connector registry key remains after you remove a Microsoft Intune subscription. Successive attempts to add a new Microsoft Intune subscription trigger authentication errors.
The hotfix should be now available to install directly from your SCCM console.

For further information, see our Blogs http://www.smikar.com/update-rollup-system-center-configuration-manager-1602-kb3155482/.

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